On this page you’ll find quite a few frequently asked questions. We’d still love to meet you in person, but knowing these answers can save you and our pastors time, put your mind at ease, and help you discern if Brightstar Bible Church is the right fit for you. After reading through the FAQ, find out more about who we are by clicking the button below.

Our worship service begins at 10:30. We sing together, Have a seven minute time of fellowship called “Be Right Back,” and our Pastor preaches God’s Word. We take communion on the last Sunday of each month. We are typically done each week between 11:45-12:00.

Five Star Kids is a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel with your children, giving place to learn God’s Word and belong!  We teach the “Generations of Grace” curriculum ensuring that every three years your child will go book by book through the entire Bible!

We welcome all teenagers to attend our main worship service. We have plans to provide more personal connections, with opportunities to serve and grow with peers their age. We are praying the Lord will provide the right folks called to serve our students in that very important ministry.

We are a reformed Bible Church unaffiliated with any one denomination.  We partner with other reliable and proven reformed churches and organizations for the purpose of accountability, to seek wise counsel, to continue education, and to join together in ministry opportunities and fellowship. We are a member of the G3 network of churches.

Our head Pastor Michael Branch planted Brightstar Bible Church in June of 2020 at the height of the covid shutdown. Pastor Branch modeled his organic, slow and steady planting strategy after his experience growing up in the home mission field of Wyoming. He has served the local church in various capacities his entire life, wholly committed to serious study and continued education for the sake of shepherding the flock placed in his Pastoral care. If you would like to hear a message by our pastor click the media link for youtube or our weekly sermon podcast.

Absolutely!  We believe God’s Word dictates the practices that should take place in the worship gathering of the church, including proclamation of God’s Word and genuine biblical pastoral ministry. It is vital for God’s people to gather together in person as a family, and of course a shepherd should be found among the sheep.

As a herald of God’s Word, Pastor Branch practices expository, verse-by-verse preaching.  The purpose of this approach is to teach you what the inspired text actually means, and in light of the meaning he explains how to apply those timeless truths in a practical way in every day life. You can listen to or watch his sermons on our media page.

No, we believe the Bible dictates how  worship should be conducted and governance should be constructed.  Therefore, we hold to the Biblical position that by God’s design and as dictated clearly in scripture, the office of pastor and elder is reserved for men only. This in no way devalues the high calling of God on women in the body of Christ.

We appoint biblically qualified elders to lead in setting forth our ministry vision and mission. As we grow we hope to add vocational staff pastors to run day-to-day ministry to children, students and families, and from among the body build teams of faithful members to serve and strengthen the church family. Elders practice plurality in their leadership including spiritual oversight, financial decisions, vision & mission assessment, church discipline, leadership development, accountability, member care, and strategic planning. The biblical office of elder is for protection and direction. For more please check out our distinctive listed on our “who we are” page.

We sing a variety of  both modern and traditional hymns, theologically sound worship music, and at times, songs we have written. We tend to sing several songs you might hear on the Shane and Shane Hymn albums as well as various songs from Sovereign Grace music.

No. We do not believe it is a sin to sing a theologically inaccurate song by a questionable source, nor do we believe that every church who differs with us on this important issue is compromising. We view this controversial issue through the lens of Romans 14:13-23.  First of all, we regularly see God saving and rescuing  people out of these deceptive, abusive and dangerous movements, therefore, we do not want to cause them to stumble or confuse them by presenting music from sources that promote the very “me centered” doctrines that once blinded them from the true gospel. Second, we do not want to knowingly and directly pay royalties to these dangerous movements. While it is difficult to shut down every facet of this, we want to do our best to avoid directly supporting them, and rather, expose them (Ephesians 5:11). Thirdly, we do not want to post the names of dangerous movements on the screen in our worship service or on church playlists and give the impression that we are endorsing these groups.

Please visit our “who we are” page to read about our vision, mission, and a list of our convictions. These ten convictions are the overarching priorities and we use them to assess our ministry effectiveness.

Membership at Brightstar Bible Church is about knowing and being known, loving and being loved, in short, we are family!  Each member of Brightstar should understand their purpose and calling in the local Church. God’s Word instructs that each one should be fully committed to being a serving and edifying part of the local Brightstar family. It is also vital that each member understand that they are to be accountable to our pastors and elders. Hebrews 13:17